Corporate Background
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Corporate Background
Established in 2003, Millistrong Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited is a beauty group specialized in developing branded beauty business. The group has successfully established 6 subsidiaries in 7 years time.

Millistrong International Limited
Its active business includes the sole distribution of a Switzerland-based luxury skincare brands, aujourd’hui, in the Asia Pacific region. aujourd’hui is expected to be launched in 2010 firstly starting in Hong Kong.

It has currently set up 5 top-tiered spa centers in Hong Kong. spa ph+, the pride of Millistrong, is frequently awarded for its diversified quality services. It pioneers in bringing a unique multi-branding concept to the Hong Kong spa market by incorporating 3 international skincare brands to spa ph+ to meet customer’s “Head-To-Toe” beauty needs. Sausalito spa ph+ launched in 2009 with the exquisite environment, customers will revive their body, mind and soul.

HABA Hong Kong Limited
The majority of the active business functions as the sole distributorship of the skincare cosmetic products from HABA (Health Aid Beauty Aid) from Japan. It operates 10 individual consignment counters in various top-tiered department stores.

Hongkong Billion Sky Limited
It is the sole distributor of the skincare products from 32°C. It operates wholesale, retail and beauty salon services with one distribution point located in 16/F Sogo Club, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Phplus (Shanghai) Limited
With an ambition to expand its market in Greater China Region, Phplus China (Shanghai) Limited, held by Millistrong International Limited, was established in 2008, and the first large-scale spa centre is expected to be opened in mid 2011. In 10 years time, Millistrong is determined to open no less than 10 branches of spa ph+ in the Greater China Region. Targeted provinces are Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen etc…

Frederique Academy of Phplus Limited
Witness the prosperous & fast growing of the beauty industry, talented and professional beauticians are greatly in demand every year. As the pioneer in the beauty industry, Frederique Academy provides the professional education & training for the industry players or new comers. Since 1977, the Frederique Academy has been the leading institution and we have carved out an enviable position as the number one holistic health and beauty establishment in Hong Kong. We have an acknowledged international reputation. To date, over 23,000 graduates have gone on to successful careers both in Hong Kong and worldwide ¬ in beauty salons, hotels, spas, health resorts, clinics, luxury cruise ships and their own profitable businesses.

Medic i-Laser Limited
Medical services such as Laser Treatment, Laser Hair Removal and Injection Filler etc were the trendy cosmetic services in Hong Kong. Medic i-Laser in an establishment in 2009 where clients can enjoy the highest standard, safety, effective and diversified of medical service which co-operate with our team of professional trained medical experts.